5 Easy Ways to Digital Detox on Vacation

Digital Detox on Vacation

A digital detox is a popular trend in which many people choose to participate. They make the decision on their own or even at the recommendation of a doctor or counsellor. A vacation often offers the perfect opportunity to disconnect with the digital world. It can be harder to do in everyday life because we rely very heavily on our devices for both our personal and business lives.

The next time you’re on vacation, consider taking a digital detox, as well. This can help you to relax a great deal more and experience a spectrum of both physical and mental health benefits.

5 Easy Ways to Digital Detox

1 – Create a List of Things to Do Without Your Device

Start by motivating yourself and showing yourself all the things you can do during your digital detox. Let them be as simple or complex as you want. They can include everything from reading a book or wandering around a city or town, or even taking a yoga class or finding a different ice cream seller every day of your vacation. Whenever you feel like you should post on social media or search for something online, haul out your list and do one of your alternative activities instead! This technique will help you to do a great deal more during your vacation, too.

2 – Shut Off Push Notifications

Since you may keep your phone on hand in case of emergency or so you can check in with people – or they can check in with you – shut off your push notifications. That way, even with your device on hand, it won’t be continually tempting you to check your email, social media accounts, news or other favorite apps.

3 – Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

Before you head off on your trip, take the time to clean things up so they’re not as bad when you get home. That way, part of your digital detox will actually reduce the impact of your reliance on devices over the long term. Unfollow accounts that don’t interest you anymore or that bug you. Adjust all your notifications settings. Unsubscribe to emails that aren’t relevant to you anymore – or never were in the first place. Uninstall apps you don’t use or that are only causing you problems. That way, when you turn your phone back on when you get home, your digital experience will be much cleaner.

4 – Don’t Bring a Portable Charger With You

If you have to limit your phone use each day to only the essentials in order to ensure you have enough charge in case of emergency, you’ll naturally digital detox since you’ll have to ration your battery power.

5 – Have a Phone Basket

Whenever everyone is together at your hotel room or luxury villa rental, have a basket where everyone will place their phone. That way, you’ll focus on being together or on doing something in the moment, instead of automatically turning to your devices.

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