delayed onset muscle soreness facts

Facts About Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

delayed onset muscle soreness factsDelayed onset muscle soreness is also known as DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness is caused by lengthened exercise. Many symptoms are associated with DOMS. Generally the symptoms go away after 72 hours. There are ways to treat delayed onset muscle soreness. Many times people try to stretch extensively to fix the damage however this does not work. […]

best workout enhancing supplements

Workout Enhancing Supplements for Better Performance

Whether you are looking to tone up, bulk up, or just trim your waistline a great exercise routine and good diet is important. There is a second beneficial factor, the workout enhancing supplements you use. There are supplements for more energy, for muscle recovery, and promoting strength. When you add these supplements to your routine you get more results, faster. Of course there are many other benefits and supplements out there, these are just some common targets. […]