My Recommendations: I Tested 3 Fitness Supplements and Here’s What I Found

My Recommended Fitness Supplements

I’m always curious about fitness supplements. They’re fascinating products. Each one is designed in its own way to help you to get fitter, prep your body to achieve your goals, help you to recover…or simply line the pockets of the manufacturer.

I know all fitness supplements are far from being created equal, so I did a bit of research, worked the discount codes I could find and bought one bottle each of three different products. I was going to buy products each from different categories – for instance, one energy booster, one protein supplement and one creatine supplement – but I decided that would make it hard to compare the results. So, each of the products I tried are mainly meant to boost energy, though they each have additional benefits, as well.

My Results from the 3 Fitness Supplements I Tested

  • TRIMTHIN X700 – This product is marketed as an extreme energy formula. Of all the fitness supplements, this one seemed to place the biggest focus on powering you up. It is also developed to support healthy weight management, which I appreciated. All ingredients are clinically tested. This thermogenic formula is something I could feel. I took it first thing in the morning before my workout, and I could feel the difference. I could have gone far longer than I usually would. I felt like I was a better driver on the way in to work that morning, too, for that matter! For workout energy, this was easily my top choice. I got this at a discount when I signed up for the newsletter from the company that makes it, and I got an email with a coupon code in it.
  • FASTCUT – This product is an all-natural formula with caffeine that is meant to provide an energy boost but that also offers metabolic support. I like that its ingredients are also clinically researched and that I recognized them all. Green tea, green coffee, and caffeine are all familiar to me and I trust them. I didn’t find that the energy boost was as high in this one as the other two fitness supplements I tried, but I liked that it provided a natural feeling energy that gave me focus and alertness regardless of whether I was doing high intensity interval training or Pilates. A good all-around choice and was my second favorite.
  • LipoNitro – I found this in the fitness supplements on Amazon and it just happened to have a 10% off coupon at the time, so I grabbed it. Its ingredients have all been clinically researched. This one definitely powered me up for workouts (and life in general, for that matter). Of the three pills I used, I lost the most weight while using this one, which impressed me. It’s my third favorite, but I feel like I lucked out with this one. I’ve already recommended it to a friend, and I’d certainly use it again.

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