What Goes into a Week-Long Fat Burning Workout Schedule?

Weekly Fat Burning Workout Schedule Sample

A fat burning workout schedule can give you a bigger exercise advantage than you might think. Most people start with a strategy that is very vague, regardless of whether they want to lose weight, get in shape, build muscle or have any other workout goal.

For instance, a common idea is simply to state that you would like to do five sessions of cardio, two sessions of strength training and one or two sessions of flexibility and balance workouts – or something similar. However, that is not specific enough to build a fat burning workout schedule you’ll be able to stick to. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to adhere to it over time because you’ve taken the guesswork away from your future self.

Of course, it’s always best to start with a visit to your doctor to make sure your fat burning workout schedule is appropriate for you and safe, for that matter. That said, once you’re all set, it may look something like this.

Sample Fat Burning Workout Schedule for a Great Week

Monday: High Intensity Cardio

Whether you like sprinting, swimming laps, cycling or another cardio activity, you’re going to do it at full tilt to start your week. This type of activity spikes your base metabolic rate, which means that it is a serious type of calorie burner. That way, you can use this as a great way to get your fat burning workout schedule started for the week.

Try to use intervals to be able to keep up your drive throughout your whole session. Regardless of whether you’re running outside, on an elliptical, rowing machine or bicycle, use the following interval pattern:

  • 30 seconds – As fast as you can.
  • 60 seconds – Slow to moderate pace
  • Repeat 12 times.

Tuesday: Total-Body Strength Training

Strength training may not be the top part of your fat burning workout schedule, but it makes the other parts more powerful. Do a complete body workout with squats, jumps, planks, burpees and hand weights.

Wednesday: Lots of Steps and Foam Rolling

After pushing your body hard for 2 days, give it a resting day. Do some foam rolling to encourage recovery and stretching and go for a couple of great walks on top of simply moving around all day as opposed to being sedentary.

Thursday: HIIT Workout

Time to get back into some intense cardio. Go for it with a class or a great HIIT routine you’ve planned in advance.

Friday: Total Body Strength Training

Repeat your full Tuesday routine one more time.

Saturday: Rest Day

Do some gentle stretching in the form of yoga or tai chi, and otherwise simply take it easy. This gives your body the opportunity to fully recover from the rest of the week.

Sunday: Total Body Strength Training

Go for one more day of your Tuesday and Friday routine, then start fresh again on Monday. As you feel that you get the hang of this fat burning workout schedule, shake it up a little to keep things interested and to stay motivated.

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