Take Advantage of Your Local Outdoor Gym While The Weather’s Still Great

Outdoor Gym Benefits

For those of us who think of an outdoor gym at all, it’s usually the summertime that we have in mind.  After all, that’s the time of year when we do the most outside, right? This year, I’ve been using my local options a lot more than I have in the past and I’m coming to realize that fall hasn’t received the credit it should have.

Fall is the Perfect Time to Use an Outdoor Gym!

Now that the hot edge has been smoothed off the weather, my outdoor gym has become a much more welcoming place. Not only is it less busy – since kids are back in school – but it’s easier to keep using it without getting overheated!  There are still tons of beautiful, sunny days to enjoy, but they’re not as hot as they were in the middle of the summertime.

Now, when I go to the outdoor gym, I can enjoy myself for as long as I want my workout to be without being worried that I’m at risk of heat illness. This is particularly true when I use the exercise features during business and school hours.  That said, when I am feeling social about my workout experience, it’s nice to know that other people will also be there in the late afternoons and on weekends.

The Growing Trend

A rising number of cities have been hopping onto the outdoor gym trend. They’ve been adding various types of workout equipment to public spaces such as parks, hiking trails and even beach and waterfront areas. As Americans – as well as people in other countries such as Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Chile and Brazil – are increasingly interested in healthy and active lifestyles, so has the interest in these gyms been growing.

People want to work out.  They want to be active.  The obesity epidemic is terrifying, and people are doing what they can by keeping up more regular workouts.  An outdoor gym helps to make it possible for everyone to have what is necessary to do a range of movements without having to spend a fortune on a membership.

Even better, a workout in the great outdoors is fantastic for both physical and mental health.  An outdoor gym makes it possible to use fitness equipment while breathing fresh air and enjoying the benefits of daylight.  This can be far more enjoyable and motivational than breathing stale, sweaty air from underneath fluorescent lighting.

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