Why is Your Regular Workout Your Best Weight Loss Encouragement?

Best Weight Loss Encouragement

I know diet has a larger impact on losing than workouts, but exercise remains my all-time best weight loss encouragement.  This is something I discovered early on, which I find important, because it made it possible for me to focus on this motivation to drive me forward successfully.

Weight Loss Encouragement Workouts that Help Control Diet

There is no doubt that I changed what I was eating. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have lost nearly as much weight as I did.  Even with exercise being my top weight loss encouragement, I needed to focus on food as well.  However, when I discovered that physical fitness was the main thing driving me forward, I stopped thinking about what I was eating in terms of how much fat it would help me burn.

Instead, I let my weight loss encouragement workouts guide me to eat properly. Instead of focusing on the pounds on the bathroom scale, I focused on my progress with the various exercises I was doing.  One interesting thing about workouts and physical performance: you need to eat the right foods in the right balance to be at your best!

How Exercise Taught Me to Eat Right

When I first decided that I was going to exercise and I was going to do it regularly, I didn’t have much of a commitment in mind.  Then, I realized how out of shape I truly was.  I couldn’t touch my toes. In fact, I struggled with a lot of flexibility exercises.  I was pretty strong, all things considered, but I was winded very quickly.

So, I could lift quite a bit (again, all things considered), but I couldn’t run for more than thirty seconds, half a dozen burpees made me feel dizzy, and after HIIT workouts, I didn’t feel good. In fact, I gagged at the end of my second HIIT workout and thought I was going to be sick. Instead of letting it hold myself back, I decided I needed to be much fitter than I was. It wasn’t acceptable that my endurance was that bad.

From there, I let my workouts provide me with weight loss encouragement. I looked forward to my workouts because I knew each one was bringing me closer to my goal. When it came time to eat, I’d think of my food in terms of being fuel for my body and for those workouts. By doing that, I made sure I was eating right, too!

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