This is the Exercise That Works the Most Muscles at Once

Best Exercise That Works the Most Muscles

A good quality dynamic exercise that works the most muscles possible at once can be very handy in ensuring you’re getting a good complete workout.  While there is definitely something to be said about workouts targeting specific muscles or muscle groups, knowing that you’ve worked your whole body can also be exceptionally rewarding.  It can also help to make sure you’re not missing essential areas.

Finding an Exercise that Works the Most Muscles

It’s important to recognize that there is no single best workout for everyone, even if it does include an exercise that works the most muscles simultaneously.  Remember that the best one for you is the type of exercise that suits your fitness level, range of motion, strength, and other factors.  Even more important, the best one for you is the one you’ll actually do.  It’s all well and good if mountain climbing is a fantastic exercise, but if you’re exceptionally unlikely to do it – particularly on a regular basis – then it isn’t much good to you.

Great Options for Dynamic Workouts

There isn’t just one exercise that works the most muscles. There are lots of them.  They’re either one form that moves the whole body, or they’re a combination that can be done in sequence that access each major muscle group.  Great examples of these options include:

  • Brisk walking while swinging the arms and engaging the core
  • Jogging/Running
  • Burpees

The One Exercise that Works the Most Muscles and Gets the Spotlight, Too!

That said, there is indeed one type of exercise that works all the major muscle groups and that most physical trainers will usually mention when talking about this type of workout.  That type of exercise is swimming.

It is a physically demanding cardio and strength training combination that uses every major muscle group in addition to a wide range of motions, all without placing much strain on your joints.

If you have a pool available to you that is big enough to allow you to swim laps, take advantage of the opportunity. You’ll work your upper body, lower body, core, heart, and respiratory system all at the same time. While you build strength, you’ll also work on your range of motion and will strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Just make sure you’re mixing up the types of strokes you do.  Doing a few laps of the front and back crawl as well as the breaststroke is a great combination. If you can throw in a front and back butterfly, that’s even better!

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