Build a Better Physique in The New Year With These Goals

build a better physique

build a better physiqueSome folks want to lose a few pounds in the new year and some just want to look and feel better. Resolutions are as unique as the people who have them. We are going to share what we have learned about how to be successful with weight loss and building a better physique in the New Year.

Goals are key:

When resolving to make a change in the new year, you kind of have to make sure you are setting the goals you need that are realistic enough to succeed with. The best way to make these goals work is to make them small and reachable. The goal should not be too lofty and nor should it take too short a period of time to complete.

Setting milestones are the key. If you want a bikini physique for the summer then make your weight loss and workout goals reachable in increments of 4 to 6 weeks at a time. This means you want to lose weight and tone first. Set a 6 week goal according to what you have to lose and an exercise plan that will let you lose it.

Then once you’ve gotten to that milestone successfully, you can continue on to the next with confidence. This makes things easier for you to have the motivation you need to get it all done to completion. The next milestone for building a better physique should be about adjusting calories to build muscle or tone in the target areas. Are you body building or hard-core body sculpting? Then you should probably up the calorie intake and the cardio. This will be another 6 week milestone. If you are having an issue with abs then that is the target you need to go for. Have a trainer or get online for a specific plan of action to actually get it done.

When you have a guidance system—things tend to work a lot smoother when it comes to getting that better physique. You have a bit more scope and you have some mentoring. Find online forums that give you a community of those of like mind to talk to. There are communities like Sparkpeople and Weight Watchers that you can post your own goals and get a positive push from others that are going through the same thing as you are.

Once you reach your goal:

Once you reach your goal and have the bikini body you want, then you need to have additional goals to maintain it. It isn’t something that you can just do and then forget. It is something you have to maintain and change up as you age.

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