Should Women Strength Train Differently Than Men?

should women strength train differently

should women strength train differentlyOften times women believe that lifting weights like men will make them big or bulky, so they stick to their 5 to 10 pound barbells and do endless sets of reps. Women also have a tendency to do endless amounts of cardio as well in hopes to shed fat and become toned. Many times this works against them, but takes twice as long to reach their goals, and usually they never quite achieved the body that they want. People fail to realize that muscle doesn’t come from performing countless sets of reps with little 10lb dumbbells, no matter what your gender is. Women strength train differently and often fail to see results because of that.

In most cases, men and women should train the same, even if they have different goals. There are of course exceptions like pregnancy and injuries that you should not train like a man. However, men and women can meet their varying goals by using the same weight lifting program. Men often want to be big and bulky, while women want to be toned and shapely. No matter what your goal is you can not be big, bulky, toned, or shapely without building muscle first. When women strength train differently than men they are sabotaging their efforts.

In order to build muscle you must lift weights and then give the body enough calories to recover afterwards. Many times this is another place women go wrong, their diets are usually low calorie or low carbohydrate. Women strength train differently when it comes to diet too. They fail to eat an adequate amount of protein to build more muscle mass. So because of their calorie deficiency, low carb, and insufficient amounts of protein they are not getting enough nutrition to reap the benefits of their hard work. Women who train hard should pay close attention to their diets.

Women who want to look toned and defined need to train with the same intensity as men. When women strength train differently, they cannot reap the most reward. This will not cause them to bulk up, in fact, once women realize they cannot bulk up from lifting weights alone they will realize they are capable of doing the same things as men. Unfortunately it is harder for women to to build muscle because they have ten times less testosterone than men. Meaning, women will actually have to train twice as hard as men, not softer. There are also many metabolic advantages to weight training. Lifting heavy weights, or training heavy creates a metabolic effect that boosts fat burning.

It is important for women to incorporate many of the same exercises as men do on a regular basis such as deadlifts, push ups, and pull ups. This will help them build muscle, become strong, and stay lean. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy and challenge your body. That is how strong, sculpted, and lean bodies are built.

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