The Best Ab Workouts for Women

Ab Workouts for Women

Ab Workouts for WomenWhen it comes to fitness, women are often blamed for not taking care of themselves as they should be doing. Since women have lower testosterone compared to men, they are more likely to accumulate fat in all the wrong places, especially in the lower torso. That’s why it is important for women to stick to a strict ab workout regimen to keep their belly flat. Here are some of the best ab workouts for women to maintain a flat and tough belly:

Using a Stability Ball

An outstanding ab workout for making each muscle in your middle section get working is an exercise that makes use of a stability ball. This also involves your glutes, hips, and chest. For this workout, take hold of a 5- to 10-pound medicine ball and lie face up on a stability ball, keeping your head and back pressed into the ball. Put your feet closer together on the floor while the medicine ball is positioned against the chest. Crunch upward while contracting your abs until your shoulders get off the ball. After that, you can throw the medicine ball upward for an extreme effect! This makes one rep.

The Plank

The reason why the plank is one of the best ab workouts for women is that it puts your whole core to work. While being in the plank position, twist your entire body to shift the weight on the left arm. Elevate your right arm, count to three, and revert back to the original plank position. Repeat it with the other arm to complete one rep.

Climbing the Mountains

Stand in the plank position again and get prepared for an intense ab workout. Move your knees toward your chest one after another. Go for the right leg first and then finish one rep with the left leg. You can pace up the routine if you can endure it.

Becoming the Fish out of Water

This is another effective ab workout for women. For this you will have to lay down on your right side. Keep your legs on top of each other. Elevate your torso and legs straight up, keeping your hand near your ear. Now attempt to get as close as you can to your lifted legs with your elbow. That’s one rep.

You can build strength and tone your abdominal muscles by focusing more on core strengthening exercises like planks and crunches. There are also a number of effective aquatic workouts that make use of water resistance to help women who want to work on their ab muscles without hurting their back. Effective and optimal ab workouts for women transform belly fat into tough muscles while avoiding back pain.

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