The Best Chest Workouts for Men and Women

chest workouts for men and women

chest workouts for men and womenThere are some exercises that we tend to think of as gender specific, but you will find that this assumption is usually incorrect. Up until recently, most people tended to think of strength training and weightlifting overall as a male specific activity—but the trend is catching on with more and more women who want to add muscle to their physique!

This is great news as people are learning that both men and women can benefit from so many different exercises across the board. A specific example of this is that chest workouts aren’t just for men anymore, as they can be quite helpful to women too and so you want to focus on the most effective exercises for this part of the body.

The thing to remember is that women can get a much needed lift by performing chest exercises. Though men have been focusing on the chest for years, women can gain some really wonderful benefits from these workouts too. Women who want a little lift to the chest area can get that through muscle toning exercises. While men have been focused on building a bigger broader chest muscle, women stand to gain a much better look and feel to the area too. It’s all about concentrated movements that help to get deep into the muscle tissue. The added benefit here is that you can also lose weight when you focus on the chest, as it proves to be a real fat burner too.

Recognizing just how beneficial and effective chest workouts can be, both men and women will really enjoy focusing on this muscle group. Here we look at some of the very best chest exercises which will help shape the chest and add great definition here for men and women alike.

“Head Bangers”: You will start by lying flat on the ground with your knees bent, feet planted on the ground. Holding weights in your hands, start with your arms spread wide open and then slowly close them as they get near the chest. Then bend the elbows and move the weights slowly towards your head. They are called “head bangers” because it’s almost as if you are going to bang your head, but of course you stop before you ever do that. This works the chest and also gets the shoulders and triceps in on the act too.

Chest Press: This is a simple but highly effective chest exercise and so it’s a must when it comes to chest workouts that will get you results. You start by lying flat on the ground with knees bent again. You start with weights in your hands and in front of you at chest level. Then you simply lift the weights up hovering in the air over the chest area, and then slowly lower them back down. It’s a simple chest press but it works everything in the area quite efficiently. You can add weight or perform the chest press on an incline as you get well versed at this movement.

Flies: You resume the same starting position lying flat on your back, but this time you start with your arms open as wide as you can get them. Slowly move the weights in your hands up towards the chest, and as they are about to meet twist them slightly right over the chest. This works the chest muscles from different angles and if you take your time with it, you will get deep into the muscle tissue too.

Push Ups: These are cardio plus strength training and therefore they are a really comprehensive movement. They are focused heavily on the chest as you must move the body up and down using only your arms, and your feet in place to support you. You can build on these and try different variations, but they will also serve as one of the best chest workouts that give you visible results and help to shed fat and build muscle all at the same time.

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