How to Overcome a Bodybuilding Plateau

Overcome a Bodybuilding Plateau

Overcome a Bodybuilding PlateauThere comes a time in a bodybuilder’s life when he hits a plateau. If you haven’t reached this stage yet, consider yourself lucky or wait for it. As much as it marks stagnancy, it also shows you have been exceptional throughout your journey. It is a phase where your workouts don’t yield results. This creates a mentally draining and disturbing situation for people who are fanatically trying hard to gain results.

Since it only happens when you have already achieved a lot you shouldn’t be disappointed. Rather, you should treat it as part of your growth process. Instead of feeling disappointed, you can take a proactive approach to handle this matter. Busting the bodybuilding plateau is possible with a little difference in your training approach. With the following strategies, you can fight this problem and resume your growth:

Figure Out the Reason

It is one of the rare fitness conditions which have confused even experienced bodybuilders. This is because you can’t reach a proper conclusion. However, if you look closely, you will be able to figure out the reason why you have hit a plateau. The problem is that there are a number of factors that influence it, such as eating too much, skipping pre or post-workout snacks and supplements, training too much or too little, and change in exercise.

These are some of the commonly identified reasons behind a bodybuilding plateau. If you don’t see progress for a few weeks, carry on and analyze yourself. Note down everything you eat, ask your trainer to see if you are doing anything wrong, and analyze the intensity because often the sets and reps can mislead as well. Analyze everything closely and find what you are doing differently. Once you have figured out the reason, it’s far easier to tackle the situation. Here are some other ways you can get over your bodybuilding plateau:

Plan a Recovery Week for Rest

Though bodybuilders feel at home at the gym, it is important to get some rest. If your muscles tear up or are overworked, they won’t show any progress and this will affect your overall performance. When your muscles are not in a healthy state and you continue to exercise, they start catabolizing muscle tissues. For healthy muscles, it’s important to give them time so they can repair and recover.

Try a New Rep Range

Try to change the rep range of the exercise routine you are following. Since everyone follows a different exercise plan, it’s hard to generalize it but most rep ranges offer variation from 4 to 8 weeks. So, try to adopt a new rep range and see if it works or not.

Go For Supersets

Supersets are more challenging and different from conventional training sets. A superset is a bundle of two opposite exercises. A few common pairs include squats paired with deadlifts and bent-over rows combined with bench presses, and similarly you can create your own superset of two exercises that work on opposing muscles.

These are some of the most effective yet simple ways you can overcome a bodybuilding plateau. Don’t let a plateau affect your motivation or all the effort you put into maintaining a workout routine could end up going down the drain.

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  • Great tips, I’ve found an extended rest/recovery period has worked best for me in overcoming the dreaded plateau.

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