Top Signs of Steroid Use in Bodybuilders

Top Signs of Steroid Use

In most cases, it is pretty easy to see the signs of steroid use in those who are using them. There are going to be some dramatic changes in mood, personality, and muscle gain that is not normal compared to a regular individual who just spends their time in the gym. Since steroid use can be harmful in those who use too much, it is important to recognize the signs of steroid use and get them the help that they need.

Physical changes
The first signs of steroid use is the physical changes. It is not uncommon for someone who goes to the gym to build up their muscles over time. But when this change seems to happen really fast or even overnight, this is a sign that someone is using steroids. Watch also for them having more infections, hair loss, jaundice, and issues with falling asleep at night.

Personality changes
There will be a lot of changes in the person’s personality when they are on steroids. You will notice that they have a lot of mood swings and they will have a lot of aggression. A lot of the time you might notice that someone who is usually well mannered and nice to everyone will start to become disrespectful and withdrawn from others around them. They will also become more secretive and you might notice that they are keeping things from you or that they are lying more often.

Social changes
The way that they act in social situations, somewhat connected to the personality changes. They might start to steal or take more naps during the day. They will forget the plans that are going on with others and may ask those around them for money or else they all of a sudden they have more money than usual.

The signs of steroid use will be found in many of the bodybuilders who want to bulk up fast, but it is not a good thing to take these pills. They are going to change a lot more than the muscles of the person and can harm their health as well as a lot of their personal relationships. If you would like to bulk up, it can be done without steroids. Make sure that you get to the gym and do a combination of aerobic and strength training activities and eat a diet that is full of protein and other great foods.

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