How to Lose Thigh Fat Quickly

lose thigh fat fast

lose thigh fat fastThigh fat can be difficult to burn and usually it is the last layer of fat left after months of exercising and dieting, but don’t despair! There are many ways to persuade your thigh fat to burn off. The following tips will help you tone your thigh muscles in an effective manner.

Intensify Your Cardio Workout
The best way to lose fat around your thighs is to follow a great cardio workout. If you feel like you have reached a standstill in your weight loss efforts, take your cardio workout to the next level. Running outside is proven to burn 8% more fat than running on the treadmill. Go running around the block or find a trail.

Biking and jumping rope also burn more calories than jogging and tone your leg muscles more effectively. A one-hour cardio session, five times a week will show definite results and help you lose thigh fat.

Pump Up Your Incline
To make your workout more intense, do your cardio exercises on upward sloping path or stairs. If you are using a treadmill, then increase its incline. Climbing up adds the strain on your thigh muscles and you will lose thigh fat faster.

Eat Lots of Protein and Carbs
If you are trying to burn fat, you must already be consuming a healthy diet. Add protein and carbs to your breakfast. The protein will help build and tone your muscles. The carbs will keep you full throughout the day and fuel you with energy. Do not consume sugar-filled refined carbs. Rather, opt for complex carbs full of fiber.

Eat Healthy Snacks between Meals
Don’t believe myths that discourage you from snacking between meals. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day to keep yourself energetic. Snacking also prevents you from overeating. A good guide is 150 calories per snack that contains rich sources of protein and fiber.

Record Your Progress
It is best to write down everything so you can determine how much you have achieved. Record your calorie intake, your workout hours, your diet plans and everything that is essential to your weight loss program. Also record your weight periodically so that when you see a 10-pound difference between day 0 and day 100, you will feel proud of your achievements.

Drink Lots of Water
With all this exercise, it is important to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water to keep your electrolytes in balance. Water also keeps you full so you are less likely to overeat. Create a habit of picking water over drinks, especially if they are store-bought. Homemade smoothies and freshly squeezed juices are okay, but water is still better.

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Weight loss is a slow process and your determination is important to keep you going. Staying consistent with your diet and exercise routine will surely help you lose thigh fat effectively.

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