The Best Workouts for Couples Who Want to Get Strong

strength workouts for couples

strength workouts for couples Experts state that working out alone can get tedious and boring and hence you should find a friend or a workout partner who works out with you so you can keep going. This has been proven true over time. Well, why not ask your partner/ spouse to work out with you? By working out together, you get to spend more time with each other. Moreover, you can set mutual goals and keep each other motivated to reach them. The best part is there is no dearth of workouts for couples who want to get strong. Let’s look at some of the best ones you can try:

Single Arm Jammer with Reverse Lunge
This one is a simple exercise but it works your entire body, hence proving effective. You have to start by standing together and facing a wall. Grip a barbell and place your feet at hips’ width. Make sure the barbell is parallel to the wall in front of you, which means you have to extend your arms fully.

Perform a reverse lunge, by moving your right foot back. Bend your right elbow so that the barbell moves back towards your shoulder. Then, reverse this movement, i.e. left foot and returning to the original position.

3-Point Push-Up
This is another of the workouts for couples which work out the entire body. This one is more intimate, in the sense that when you outstretch your arm, you should be able to touch your partner. To start, get into the plank position while keeping your right leg off the floor. Then, perform a pushup. As your chest gets close to the floor, move your elbows outwards. Then, move back and move your left arm forward so you can high-five your partner. The key is to keep the right leg in the air.

Lateral Medicine Ball Toss
For this workout, you will need a medicine ball. Stand facing in the same direction, and keep a gap of about 4 feet between you. Your left hip should be in alignment with your right hip. Then, pivot on your feet and rotate. Next, pick up the medicine ball and toss it to your partner. Your partner will lunge forward with the left foot in front while rotating to the left while catching the ball. Your partner has to then toss the ball to you while you move back to the starting position when catching it.

These are some simple yet effective workouts for couples who want to get strong.

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