The Benefits of Carbs After Working Out

benefits of carbs after workouts

It is likely that if you work out regularly, you have a post-workout meal. After all, that is the time when you need the nutrition, as your muscles have to recover and you have to make up for the calories you burned during the session.

Often, people are confused about what to eat and what not to eat after a workout, which is especially true in the case of carbs. The general perception is that excess carb intake can lead to weight gain and hence carbs should be avoided. However, the fact is to the contrary. Having carbs after a workout can provide a number of benefits, which include:

As mentioned, you need to replenish the muscle glycogen. During the workout, your body uses glycogen from the muscles as they undergo considerable stress. Glycogen is necessary for producing ATP, which in turn helps with muscle contractions and also ensures the proper flow of chemical energy. One of the foremost benefits of carbs after working out is they help restore the level of glycogen.

It has been proven by research that insulin does not play a vital role in muscle building and post-workout recovery directly, but one thing people often overlook is the role it plays in transporting carnitine and creatine to the muscle cells. Among the benefits of carbs after working out is they cause an insulin spike. As a result, your muscles receive these two elements, in addition to amino acids and glucose, which also find a way to the muscle cells.

Dextrose is the purest form of glucose. When you consume carbs after a workout, the dextrose from them doesn’t have to be digested by the body. What this means is the dextrose flows directly to the muscles, which are in recovery mode. This ensures replenishment of the glycogen in the muscles, which means you have sufficient glycogen for your next workout, and also, the size of your muscles will increase!

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of carbs after a workout, particularly if you want to build muscles at the same time as losing fat. The issue is that people usually assume carbs are bad for their weight, which is often the case. However, post-workout, there is no way the carbs will get stored as fat. In fact, you can bet your house that the carbs will be digested properly and transported to your muscles, which need the nutrition and replenishment at that time.

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