How to Schedule Your Workouts for the Best Results

If you are new to working out, you may have many questions. You may be unable to make up your mind about what is the best way to schedule your workouts. Not everyone has the same stamina. Some people get exhausted quickly and others don’t. Stamina is built gradually after you have been working out on a regular basis.

First, you have to figure out how much time everyday you can dedicate to your workout. For those with a busy schedule, even half an hour is okay as long as you are spending that half hour efficiently.
Your muscles can get bored too, so remember not to do the same exercises every day. You can do different exercises on different days of the week. Don’t exercise continuously but give yourself frequent breaks.

Your muscles need time to recover so give them at least 48 hours to recover and schedule your workouts accordingly.

It’s okay if you leave out exercise one day after a strenuous workout session. Schedule your workout in a way so that your muscles get rest after each workout. Those of you who want to increase lean muscle mass should take 72 hour resting periods after working out a specific muscle group, so they will be fully recovered and you can push them harder in the next workout.

Bring variations in the way you exercise. First try doing 5 to 8 reps for four to eight weeks to work on maximum strength and then move it up to 8 to 12 reps to work on size and definition after that. The variety in the bodybuilding workouts will keep you from doing the same boring thing for extended periods of time. Give yourself a break of 3 to 5 minutes after reps or sets depending on how much you are doing each day.

Lifting weights is an essential part of working out. You should be lifting more and more as time progresses. People continually try and increase the number of reps they’re doing or number of sets per exercise. While these are important in their own place, you should be more focused on increasing weight to see better results in both strength and weight loss.

A workout journal is a good idea for those who want to keep track of their exercises and have a specific goal in mind on how much weight to lose. You should be getting things done faster with each day. If you are keeping track, you can do more lifts than before or complete the routine in less time. Moreover, a journal will also help you schedule your workouts effectively.

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