Workout Moves to Increase Muscle Definition in Your Back

increase muscle definition in your back fast

Working your back muscles is one of the key components to getting a toned, sexy body. If you’ve been struggling to increase muscle definition in your back, keep reading for a few of the workout moves that you should be incorporating into your exercise routine to get better results.

A wide-grip pull-up is a fantastic way to build up the muscles of your back without having to use any weights; instead, you’ll be relying upon your muscles to pull the weight of your entire body up.

Maintaining a wide grip with your palms facing away from you, rather than towards you, will target the back muscles, particularly the upper lats.

Seated Cable Row
Another exercise that you should be doing to increase muscle definition in your back is the seated cable row. Like the pull-up, go with a wide grip with this exercise as well. You should find that the wide grip will maintain emphasis on your back muscles, and you can keep your palms facing down as you hold the bar in order to maintain a solid grip.

When performing a pull-down for your back, stick with a close grip rather than the wide grip that you use for the above two workouts. This is because, if you do a wide-grip pull-down after a wide-grip pull-up, you’ll be doing two exercises that are just too similar to get you the results that you’re after. Plus, when you use a close neutral grip, you’ll be activating the lats in a similar way as when you use a regular grip, but you’ll be gaining access to a bigger range of motion, and your lats will be under tension for a longer amount of time. All of this translates to bigger, stronger, sexier back muscles.

Dumbbell Row
Finally, work one side of your back at a time with a single-arm dumbbell row. You should be able to use a lot of weight because you’ll have a great range of motion, and your weaker side won’t be influencing the outcome either. Place your opposite hand on a bench for extra support as you keep your shoulders squared to the front.

Start incorporating some or all of the workouts above into your exercise routine so that you can start to increase muscle definition in your back in no time. Remember to complement these back workouts with chest and ab routines that will give you a sculpted figure that you’ll be ready to show off.

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