Best Thanksgiving Workout to Counter Those Extra Calories

How to get in a Thanksgiving workout

Thanksgiving is the holiday that is synonymous with overeating, carb comas, and the kickoff to the end-of-the-year shopping season. While there isn’t much that you can do about the effects of carbs or gift buying stress on your body, you do have some control over those extra calories at the dinner table. Below are some of the best Thanksgiving workouts to battle the mashed potatoes and other treats that become abundant during the holiday season.

Go for a Jog After Dinner

Everyone has that one family member, or several family members, that they want to run away from when the holidays come around, and while it might be tempting to leave the table and get far away from Aunt Fran and Uncle Tony, it isn’t always considered acceptable behavior.

However, after a big meal, give yourself some time to digest and then, instead of slipping into a nap, put on your sneakers and start your Thanksgiving workout with a short jog. The elevated heart rate and rapid oxygenation of your blood will combat the sleepy feeling you are getting from the tryptophan, and this activity will also help your body burn off those extra calories you ingested at dinner.

Play Football with the Family

Thanksgiving and football go together like pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Since you will likely have the whole family together for the holiday, get everyone up off their chairs for a little Thanksgiving workout. Even 30 minutes of throwing a football around on the front lawn could help burn off some of those extras calories from your feast. Plus, this is a wonderful bonding experience, as everyone will be focused on having fun together while getting in a great workout.

Practice Martial Arts or Yoga

Your Thanksgiving workout doesn’t have to be solely focused upon games and jogging. If you’re interested in martial arts or yoga, you can get outside, get some fresh air, and do some low-impact stretching or isometric workouts after your big meal. You might even be able to convince someone to take beautiful pictures of you looking like a Tai Chi master or yoga guru.

Working out after a big meal can really help your body burn off the extra calories that you consumed, so consider doing some light exercises after your Thanksgiving feast in order to prevent weight gain. If you use all of that extra fuel to your advantage, rather than sleeping it off, you’ll definitely feel better and keep your weight in check.

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