Top Workout Shoes for Winter Running

shoes for winter running

When you love running, even the cold and wet weather can’t get in your way. However, if you don’t have the right shoes for winter running, it can make your favorite sport into a far less pleasant experience. After all, if you’re trying to keep up your groove, it becomes a great deal harder if freezing cold water is squishing up between your toes.

This year, focus on the right shoes for winter running and you’ll find the experience warmer, dryer and safer on slick running surfaces. It may mean that you’re spending a bit more on shoes each year but once you give them a try, you’ll know that they’re more than worth your while.

The following are some of the top shoes for winter running:

· Saucony Kinvara 5 RunShield – These shoes not only have a moisture wicking lining to keep wetness away from your feet, but their upper is entirely water resistant. In this way, water is kept out of your shoes and any moisture that is inside (from sweat, splashes, etc) is kept as far from your feet as possible. If you like brightly colored shoes, you’ll love the way these ones can be spotted even though mornings and evenings in lower light.

· Brooks Ghost 7 GTX – These are rapidly becoming a favorite among runners who don’t give up just because the weather isn’t the nicest. They bring excellent cushion and balance within a lightweight material that will still keep your feet dry. The added protection from Gore-Tex isn’t just for your jacket anymore. Your feet can now benefit from this unique material.

· Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 Flash – The upper on these shoes may look like mesh that should leak like a sieve, but it is water-repellant which can even withstand a slushy run. Since you might find yourself running when its dark out during the shorter days of winter, the all-over reflectivity of the shoe’s upper can help make sure you’re visible while you’re out there.
· New Balance 910 – This shoe will have you covered regardless of whether you’re running on slushy winter roads or along snowy trails. The Gore-Tex ensures your feet can breathe while still being protected by a waterproof layer.

· Asics GT-2000 G-TX – This shoe is designed to keep your feet comfortably dry, using Gore-Tex for breathability and water resistance. However, another point that makes these shoes great for the winter is the additional outsole traction. When pavement is wet or dusted in snow, that extra feature can make all the difference in preventing a slip-and-fall.

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