How to Create Your Own Tabata Routine for a Fun Customized Workout

Create your own Tabata routine

These days, if we want to be able to get a really great workout on a regular basis, efficiency is key. For that reason, learning how to create your own tabata routine can help to get results without requiring the time.

After all, who wants to get up even earlier than we already do to go for a run before sunrise? Do we really have time in our lunch hours to hit the gym for a full routine? After work, we’re too busy battling with dinner, kids, chores and errands to dedicate a ton of time to a workout. Instead, create your own tabata routine and save precious minutes every time you complete it.

Being able to create your own tabata routine can take a bit of know-how and tweaking but it doesn’t necessarily require any expertise. Essentially, start with the concept of a basic workout and choose options

that will suit your specific needs, preferences and expectations. Then, tweak as you go. Remove the exercises that aren’t doing it for you and plug in ones that might have a better chance of giving you the experience and outcomes you want.

The key to making a tabata routine you’ll love is to keep it simple. Don’t try to overcomplicate things. You should be able to fit an amazing routine into 24 minutes based on simple activities. Since there is a lot of repetition to these activities, you should also make sure to arm yourself with a great playlist that will help you to keep motivated and interested the whole time.

For example, if your first group of exercises consists of butt kicks and plyometric pushups, you’ll be doing 20 seconds of the first exercise, 10 seconds of rest, another 20 seconds of the second exercise, 10 seconds of rest, and then you’ll repeat for a total of 8 times, which will bring you to four minutes. Then, you’ll move on to a new group. It’s not exactly stimulating but it changes quickly and provides you with intense bursts of exercise. The music should help to keep things more appealing.

As much as some people enjoy trying to watch a video to distract themselves during this type of workout, it might be best if you left the stimulation to your audio files. An audio book or music is better than a TV show or movie because the audio files don’t force you to have to turn your head in a certain direction. Though the direction of your head doesn’t always matter, it can make a difference to your posture in certain activities and could place you at an increased risk of injury if you’re not very careful.

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