Get a Perfectly Shaped Bottom With These Exercises

perfectly shaped bottom exercises

Sometimes achieving a perfect round rear can feel very impossible, but whether you want to tone and lift or reduce and round, you can get a perfectly shaped bottom with these simple and effective exercises.

If you are busy and short on time, you can still achieve great results in the couple minutes you actually do have. There are also little things that you can add to your routine for a great derriere. Also, if you want that beautiful sculpted butt, you are going to need to have a good diet- in addition to that exercise routine.

What is a Perfectly Shaped Bottom?

When all is said and done, there really isn’t a single perfectly shaped bottom.  The form is a matter of personal taste as well as the natural design of your own body.  After all, there are many backsides that look fantastic on one person and that would look downright hilarious if transplanted onto another person.

Therefore, for the purposes of this article, the entire concept of a perfectly shaped bottom isn’t meant to say that there is one goal that everyone should be trying to achieve.  Instead, the whole concept is to be able to use the right workouts (in combination with a nutritious diet and regular sleep and stress control) to tone the muscles of the glutes and burn unwanted fat.  That way, you’ll be able to achieve the fit and toned look that is ideal for your unique body shape.

How to Get a Perfectly Shaped Bottom

Get a perfectly shaped bottom with these aerobic exercises. Walking hills, climbing stairs, walking in sand and using the treadmill with the uphill feature are all included in those. Also, as far as machines go, the elliptical, the stair climber or an arc trainer are king. After you have torched some serious cals and warmed up your glutes for 30-60 minutes, then begin you butt strengthening exercises.

Some perfectly shaped bottom strength exercises can be done in ten minutes or less, and do not necessarily need to be done after aerobics. Experts say aim for 3 sets of 10, work up to 3 sets of 15.

These Exercises Are:


stand with feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Slowly lower hips. Do not allow knees to go out past your knees. To progress do the jump squat, squat down and then while coming up, jump.


lay down on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor, hip-width apart. slowly raise your back off the floor, one vertebra at a time. Tighten the glutes and hamstrings until you have a diagonal line from your shoulders to your knees. return to the floor.


Begin with feet hip-distance apart, step far in front of you with left leg. Slowly lower your body bending both knees, but not bending them farther than 90 degrees. Keep the knee aligned over the ankle, then come back up and switch legs.


Using a step, step one foot on top, then push through the top leg and glute to lift the bottom leg up and touch the step. Lower back down and repeat on other leg. To challenge yourself a little more, use ankle weights or arm weights.

Toe taps

Lie on the floor on your stomach, arms to your sides. Lift your feet bending your knees to 90 degrees so your thighs are perpendicular to the floor, switch sides, alternating for one minute.

Single-leg front raises

Stand with feet hip-width distance apart, holding a 2-5-pound dumbbell in each hand. Bend your right leg and raise it, knee at 90-degree angle. Extend both arms in front of you at chest height and palms face down. Keeping your arms straight, raise your left arm above your head and hold for 3 counts then return to starting position. Continue alternating arm raises until you’ve done 8 total, 4 reps on each side. Now switch legs and do 8 more reps with your left leg.

When eating to a nicer butt, carbs can be your friends. Your butt is a storage for fat, so incorporating complex carbs is actually beneficial. So, while eating things low in fat, add things like whole grains and whole wheat breads and pastas. Also make sure you are getting lots of lean protein such as turkey, chicken breast, and fish. When you are trying to sculpt your butt eating a lot of fiber is also going to be a good way to get a perfect shaped bottom.

Your derriere may be one of the most troublesome places for you, but you can get a perfectly shaped bottom with these exercises and butt boosting foods. So, whether you were born with a lot of junk already in the trunk or want to add more, these exercises will make the most of your butt, and are very effective, not time consuming. Also, eating more whole grains, will help target your butt and thigh area, for a nicer more sculpted rear end.

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