Try These Calorie Saving Open Faced Sandwich Ideas ​

healthy open faced sandwich ideas

Want to lose weight and stay healthy? Then remember that just one slice of bread has a surprising amount of calories and carbohydrates. Enjoying open faced sandwich ideas, such as those that are listed below, could help you avoid all of those carbs and calories that would otherwise make it harder to lose weight.

Avocado and Veggies

Take a slice of whole grain bread and top it with red onion, sprouts, some yellow tomato, sauerkraut, and mashed avocado. Sprinkle it with some cayenne pepper for even more flavor. This is a filling open faced sandwich that will keep you going even though it has fewer calories than if you added that second slice of bread to the top.

Ratatouille Sandwich

Another one of the most delicious open faced sandwich ideas that you can try, without having to worry about throwing your diet off track, is this ratatouille treat. Grab a piece of artisan bread and top it with zucchini, red pepper, roasted eggplant, and cherry tomatoes. Flavor it with some Herbes de Provence, garlic, and balsamic vinegar. This sandwich is packed with filling veggies, and you’ll likely need a fork and knife to indulge in all of the flavors that it has to offer.

Open-Faced Caprese

This tasty treat can be enjoyed with regular dairy mozzarella or a slice of plant-based mozzarella made from nut milk. Start with a slice of sourdough bread that has been coated with some extra virgin olive oil. Then top it with your favorite greens, slices of the mozzarella, and slices of tomato. Drizzle some pesto to the top and enjoy!

Veggies and Hummus

Searching for a super easy and tasty way to get more veggies into your diet? Then have this open-faced sandwich for lunch. After grabbing a slice of multigrain bread, add a layer of hummus and then some baby Portobello mushrooms, arugula, and heirloom tomatoes. Finally, drizzle a bit of balsamic vinaigrette to the top.

Artichoke and White Beans

Mix chickpeas, garlic, and basil in a food processor and then chop up some artichoke hearts. Toss your mix with some more basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon, and the artichokes. Add some extra greens and then take your favorite toasted bread and add the mixture to the top.

Start adding these open faced sandwich ideas to your daily diet if you want to make it easy to cut calories and reduce your intake of carbs. You might be surprised by how much easier it will be to shed those extra pounds or maintain your ideal weight.

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