Bikini Season Fitness Tips for a Toned Body All Summer Long

bikini season fitness tips for summer

You worked hard to get your body summer-ready, but now it is time to work on incorporating some extra bikini season fitness tips into your workout routine. In this way, you can maintain that sexy, slim, and toned body all summer long. Don’t quit now!

Body Positivity Comes Before All Bikini Season Fitness Tips

As much as there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for bikini season fitness tips and following the best ones when you find them, it’s very important to remind yourself to regularly take a step back and examine your motivation and your goals. Remember that body positivity always comes first. Yes, it can be wonderful to feel great in your swimsuit and it certainly doesn’t hurt to feel attractive.

Still, don’t forget to meet yourself where you are and love yourself as you are.  Your body is yours, and it’s glorious, regardless of how similar or different it might be to that of your favorite celeb.

These tips are helpful and healthy for many people, but they don’t precede self-love and self-care.

Know When to Eat the Most Calories

To maintain your healthy weight, or to shed a few extra pounds more easily, stick with consuming the majority of your daily calories prior to 3 p.m. This means having a lighter dinner and enjoying lunch earlier in the afternoon. Stick with consuming the most calories at breakfast and lunch so you will be able to burn those off by the end of the day.

Keep Working That Core

If you are going to wear a bikini, you want your core to look fabulous, and the best way to do that is by sticking with a workout routine that includes a variety of ab exercises. Combined with fat-burning cardio exercises, these core-strengthening movements will ensure that you are going to be showing off a six-pack in no time.

Drink Healthy Smoothies and Blends

Ditch snacks that are high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories, and replace them with freshly blended fruits and smoothies that you can make at home. After all, summer is the season for fresh fruits! Skip the juices that leave in all the sugars but take out all the fiber. Instead, blend berries right into some water and drink those instead.

If you want a truly spectacular treat, blend up a couple of slices of watermelon (seeds removed).  No added water required. It’s like watermelon was made for blending into an incredible, refreshing drink!

Smoothies and fruit blends rarely contain any fat and will also be lower in sugar because you will be using all natural ingredients. Even better, unless you’ve added some, they don’t contain any added sugars at all. Since the sugars are naturally occurring and you’ve left the fiber in the drink, no harm done!

Plus, the right smoothies and blended fruits will fill you up and give you a boost of energy, thanks to their raw nutrition, so you can tackle your workout without having to consume carbs that can cause your energy to crash.

Have a Pre-Workout Coffee

Another one of the top bikini season fitness tips that will be easy for most people to implement involves sipping some coffee prior to exercising. The caffeine will give you a boost of energy so you can get through your workout, and it will also help increase your metabolism so that you can burn more calories. Make it an iced coffee for those hot days.

Just don’t find yourself adding sugar to this tasty cool treat or you’ll only be working against your own best efforts. If you’re really not a fan of black coffee, try adding cinnamon to it instead. It draws out the coffee’s natural sweetness and adds that delicious cinnamon flavor.  Blend it in with some ice and you won’t have added any more calories or sugars but will have changed the taste altogether!

With these bikini season fitness tips, you can rest assured that you won’t end up losing your summer body in the middle of the season. Keep training hard and keep up the momentum, as you will love the results and be ready to show them off at the beach or at the pool.

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