Why It’s Not Safe to Eliminate Body Fat Completely

eliminate body fat completely

Body fat is the enemy—at least, that is what you are led to believe. But the truth is that it is not smart or safe to eliminate body fat completely. Your body actually needs fat, and for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below. So continue reading to learn why the goal should never be to eliminate body fat entirely, but rather to reduce it to a healthy level.

You Need Fat to Survive

Put simply, your body would not be able to survive if you did not have any fat. Even though you might only think that fat is found in areas like your thighs, body fat is also found in other important areas of the body, such as cell membranes. It is even found in nerve sheaths and in some prostaglandins and hormones.

Getting to Know Body Fat

There are two categories of body fat: storage fat and essential fat. Both of these will allow your body to function every day. Storage fat will be found under your skin and around your organs, while essential found will be in lipid-rich tissues and bone marrow. The layers of fat around organs protect them, and fat also provides energy when you aren’t getting enough food. Plus, fat even helps to maintain your body temperature.

The Right Fats from Your Diet

When it comes to dieting, you should aim to get essential fatty acids, as these will work on regulating a variety of processes throughout your body, including your blood pressure. Healthy fats can also ensure your skin remains healthy. And you even need dietary fats in order to absorb a host of vital nutrients, like vitamins K, E, A, and D. So while you can focus on eliminating unhealthy fats, you should not eliminate all dietary fat if you want to stay healthy. By eating the right fats and taking a fat burning supplement to compliment your workouts, you’ll be able to obtain a healthy balance.

Body Fat and Fertility

If you are planning on having children, consider the fact that body fat will help your body produce the right amount of sex hormones. For example, women who do not have enough body fat also tend to have lower estrogen levels, and that could lead them to stop menstruating, making it extremely difficult to conceive.

By now, it should be pretty obvious that you can never eliminate body fat completely. Instead, your efforts should be focused on reducing the amount of storage fat under your skin in order to slim down while still maintaining a healthy amount of body fat throughout your body.

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