How to Train Like a Bodybuilding Pro

how to train like a bodybuilding pro

Have you ever looked at a bodybuilder and admired their physique and their work ethic when it comes to getting and staying so fit and trim? Well, there are a few ways that you, too, can train like a bodybuilding pro, whether you work out at home with your own equipment or you prefer to go to a gym. Their secret goes above just popping a fat burning supplement and pumping iron. Check out the tips below to get started today.

Do Several Sets

Bodybuilders are able to build up their strength so quickly because they really push their muscles to the limit. So focus on doing a good amount of sets, even if those sets involve lower numbers of reps. The key here is to work your muscles to exhaustion, so you might need to do three sets or more to get there.

Start Heavy and Go Lighter

Rather than starting light and going heavier, try to do the opposite. This is referred to as stripping, and it is one way to achieve even better results when you are strength training. Basically, you can start off with a heavy weight and then work on stripping the amount of weight down as you move from one set to the next.

So if you are doing a chest workout, as an example, you can do a couple of warm-up sets. Then you can do a few reps with the heaviest weight you can handle, followed by a lighter weight but a couple of extra reps at that weight. Then you would move to an even lighter weight and do a couple extra reps on that. You might progress from four reps, to six reps, eight reps, and so on as you move to lighter and lighter weights until you have hit the point of exhaustion.

Isolate Muscle Groups and Focus on Them

Rather than working on your entire body in the same workout session, you can make more progress and train like a bodybuilding pro by focusing on one main muscle group per day. By doing so, you could do a variety of workouts on the same muscles to hit them from every angle and really challenge them in new ways.

So, for example, if you exercise six days a week, you could do your lower body on Monday, your arms and shoulders on Tuesday, your back on Wednesday, your chest on Thursday, your core on Friday, and some stretching on Saturday.

Now that you know a few of the many ways that you can train like a bodybuilding pro, you can work on getting the body that you have always wanted. Remember that, as is the case with anything else, you need to really dedicate yourself to eating right and staying active. Consistency is the key to success when it comes to bodybuilding, as you need to build and then maintain your muscles. Before you know it, you will have transformed your body for the better!

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