Just How Strong can a Woman Get?

how strong can women get

From a very early age, we’re told that boys are stronger than girls and, later on, men are stronger than women. It’s not up to debate. It’s information we’re told as a fact. But is it really the case? How strong can a women really get? The answer isn’t an obvious one. Caution: rant ahead. You’ve been warned.

To start, it’s important to know that there are a huge number of misconceptions out there that are being delivered as facts. I’ve likely shared more than one in my life. They’re unbelievably common. When it comes to understanding how strong women can get, we assume that the limit is lower than that of men.

It’s one of the reasons sports are still often divided into men’s and women’s leagues. Because it’s only fair, right? Maybe. That depends on how strong women can get and whether or not there is need for the weight classes that create limits to participation in levels of various sports.

Before I get into it, I just want to add that what I’m talking about is the limits to a woman’s strength when it comes to natural training and growth. This doesn’t include practices such as the use of steroids or other performance enhancers like that. I’m talking about pure training, diet and wellness.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the actual answer. No one does. No one knows how strong men can get, either, since the line is always being tested and crossed. However, what I think is important here is that we start to ask the question when it comes to women. We’re just not doing it enough.

Society as a whole tends to tell us that as women, there really isn’t much of a point to trying. If there’s a man and a woman in a room and a jar needs to be opened or the fridge needs to be moved, in most cases, the man is expected to do it. The woman may lend support, but he’s the one expected to do the majority of the physical work. By that point in life, he may very well be stronger. After all, he’s the man. He’s the one who has been opening the jars and moving the fridge, couch, box, or whatever else it is that needs to be moved.

Most women don’t do that sort of thing on a regular basis unless they’re the only ones who are available to do it. When that happens, what do you know? She can often get the job done.

Yes, men typically have greater height and weight than women. This predisposes them to greater strength than a woman whose body is shorter and lighter. But this doesn’t mean that women can’t make themselves strong. It doesn’t mean that we need to focus on being pretty instead of being fit.

How strong can women get? We really don’t know yet. How strong can you get? It’s time to find out.

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