How Can Women Build Leg Muscle? The Ladies Guide To Leg Day

women build leg muscle

Building muscle isn’t as straightforward for women as it is for men. We can do it, of course, but men have the advantage of much higher testosterone levels. This helps them to build far larger muscles than is possible for us to naturally achieve.

Though this can feel like a bit of an advantage in certain situations, for example, we can tone without building massive size – something most of us would rather not do – when we are hoping to build, we need to do so with more of a strategy in mind.

Your reasons for wanting to build more leg muscles are your own. I personally like that sleek, muscular look, but many other women aren’t as worried about having skinny legs or another specific leg shape. They may want to build muscle so they will be more powerful. After all strong legs make it easier to be active, keep good balance and protect your joints like your ankles, knees and hips, among others. If you have powerful legs, you may be less likely to experience certain forms of back pain because your upper body won’t have to compensate for weaker muscles that need to support large joints.

So how do we do it? How is it possible for women to build leg muscles? Here are some steps I find very helpful:

• Eat muscle fueling food – If you’re not eating the right macronutrient balance, you may not be giving your muscles what they need to grow. No matter how you work out, if you don’t balance your proteins with your carbs and fats, you’re wasting a lot of effort. Focus on getting lots of quality protein, eat whole grains, fruits, veggies and nuts, avoid junk food and empty calories, and if that doesn’t work, consider supplements like creatine and protein powder for building, or APEX-TX5 for energy. For women struggling with weight, your doctor may be able to prescribe Phentermine, which boost energy dramatically, while also suppressing appetite.

• Do more strength training – If cardio has been your main focus until now, you may not be giving your muscles the type of workout they need to grow. Try substituting a day or two of your cardio with extra strength training workouts.

• Rest and recover – If you’re over-doing your strength training, you may be holding yourself back by quite a bit. You may think that making leg day every day will give you the fastest results but if you don’t give your muscles enough time to rest and recover, you’re more likely to suffer an injury than to grow your legs.

• Boost your intensity – If you’re doing everything right in terms of frequency and exercise type, and you’re eating the right foods, then you may need to boost the intensity of your workout. When you’re working hard to build muscle, you will get stronger and you’ll build your endurance. As a result, your workouts will need to be adjusted to keep up with your fitness level. Otherwise, you’ll just find yourself on a plateau without being able to continue your progress.

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