Top Social Media Accounts I’m Following for 2018 Winter Olympics Updates

2018 Winter Olympics Updates Twitter

It’s that time again, when we show the world what we’re made of and watch as the top athletes on the planet compete for gold. Since I can’t sit in front of the TV all day, I have a list of the best social media accounts for getting 2018 Winter Olympics updates throughout the day.

That way, it won’t matter if I’m at home, at work, working out, or grocery shopping. If I want to know what’s going on with the Games, I’ll know. While I was thinking about just following one account to keep on top of everything, I decided to follow and subscribe to several. That way, I can get a few different perspectives and know what’s going on as a whole as well as with the individual sports and athletes that interest me the most.

For example, I think it makes sense that for general 2018 Winter Olympics updates as a whole, I have followed the official Olympics pages on Facebook, Twitter, and so on. But I’ve also subscribed to some additional accounts to follow Team U.S.A. as well as the American hockey team since I want to be sure to get the latest on medals won by the U.S. and every stage of the hockey games all the way through.

There are a few individual athletes that I follow as well, just because I’m interested in them specifically, but overall, here are the 2018 Winter Olympics updates accounts I’m following to keep up with everything worthwhile that is happening throughout:

Official Olympic Facebook Page  – The reason I like this one is that it talks about the sports but it also gives some updates about what’s going on as a whole. This is a good one to follow along with the opening and closing ceremonies, too. I like that it can give more detailed accounts because of its longer character counts. This is the only Facebook account I’m following for 2018 Winter Olympics updates.

Official Olympics Twitter account  – I like this one because it can give more frequent, smaller 2018 Winter Olympics updates about everything that is going on. It’s a regular news roll of everything I don’t want to miss.

Official Team USA Twitter account  – This gives me the latest overall not just from all the Olympic games but also how the Americans are doing – who’s doing what, when, when it starts and who won.

Official Team USA Hockey Twitter account – Though I’ll likely watch most (if not all) the games, I’ll have my phone next to me watching everything this account has to say.

Team USA Instagram account – This isn’t as much for updates as it is just to get an awesome visual of what’s going on with all the American athletes while they’re there.

Shaun White’s Instagram account – Come on! It’s Shaun White!

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