Hot Fitness Workout Trends More Women Should Try

Fitness Workout Trends for Women

When it comes to fitness workout trends, some are popular with everybody. Others tend to be popular with one gender or the other. That said, this doesn’t mean that women or men can’t try what is typically popular with the opposite sex.

In fact, in some cases, it’s actually a good idea. There is a world of opportunity out there in the fitness workout trends popular with the opposite sex. If you’re a woman, these are some of the trends you may come to love the most.

Fitness Workout Trends 1: HIIT

Many women shy away from high-intensity interval training (HIIT). That said, it’s one of the fitness workout trends that is most recommended to them. There are tons of reasons women should give this a whirl.

Research shows that this method boosts fat burning and provides a better overall cardiovascular workout. It raises and lowers the heart rate in cycles throughout the entire length of the workout. This helps to ensure that even during your rest periods, you keep up the fat burning.

Due to the intensity of the “high-intensity” portions of the workouts, many women tend to shy away. However, it is far more achievable than many people think, and they can enjoy greater benefits when they use these fitness workout trends. There are many ways to apply it. A personal trainer or even a decent blogger can help to get you started.

Fitness Workout Trends 2: Tracking

As popular as Fitbits and other trackers might be, many women still aren’t using them for much more than their steps. Tracking fitness involves more than a pedometer. Use the app that comes with your tracker or use an awesome web-based tracking tool to keep on top of all your physical activity.

This habit can also help you to track your nutrition, which is an excellent complement to your fitness. What you eat impacts your performance, recovery and results. By tracking food and fitness together, you have a powerhouse of information and guidance on your side.

Fitness Workout Trends 3: Functional Fitness

The idea behind this type of workout is that it focuses on performing each movement better. Then, you’ll be able to improve the way you move around throughout the rest of your day, too. This type of fitness involves a focus on: core strength maintenance, balance and lifting.

Yoga, Pilates and other workouts that emphasize a neutral spine, a healthy back while improving strength, flexibility and balance.

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