How to Develop Your Upper Body Physique

develop your upper body physique

When you are working on developing your muscle mass or bulking there are two main things to get you there and a number of smaller factors. The first main influence is food. Typically speaking, if you’re hoping to grow muscles on any part of your body, you want high protein, moderate calorie, and high carb.

The second thing is your workout.  After all, if you want to bulk up your muscles, you need to use them, and a great upper body workout is going to be key. What if you want to bulk, or develop your upper body physique but you are on a budget? Building your upper body does not have to be expensive.

Check Out These Top Two Factors to Build Your Upper Body Physique

Many people think they will need to invest in an extremely expensive gym membership, purchase a mass of costly equipment, and buy tons of supplements and high price protein shakes if they want to bulk up.  Fortunately, being able to build your upper body physique is far more straightforward and less expensive.  You can make it as complicated or direct as you want.

If you have the money, and you want the most expensive personal trainer and home gym equipment, go for it.  If you are on a strict grocery budget and need to stay within it, that’s possible, too.  You just need to learn how to make the best choices.


When you are trying to get a bigger upper body physique you are going to need plentiful amounts of all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Protein is vital, it will not only have you building muscle, it will also have you turning fat into muscle as well. Great protein sources, especially for building include red meat, chicken, and fish. At least 56 g protein for men, and 46 g protein for women is the best daily amount when you’re going all out with your workouts.

Of course, the specific amount you’ll need will depend on many things, including your age and activity level, as well as how much you want to build your upper body physique.  If you’re not sure how much protein you need or how to balance your macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates), speak with your doctor.  A dietitian or even your physical trainer may also be able to offer you some guidance.

For carbohydrates men should be getting at least 224 g throughout the day, and women should be getting at least 184 g throughout the day. There are some carbohydrates that are better than others such as whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, and brown rice. Those will offer you other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals whereas the heavily processed, highly preservative filled foods do not.


When you are building, the best exercises are compound exercises. These are compound exercises that target your chest, such as push ups, pull ups, and bench presses. When doing compound exercises it is important to not take more than 30 seconds to 1 minute of rest time. Also, it is important to get some cardio in there as well. It is necessary to workout 5 or more days a week for best results.

Remember that just as important as your workouts is the amount of time you give your muscles to rest.  To be able to build your upper body physique, your workouts will technically be causing microscopic abrasions to your muscles. This is a normal, natural process.  It’s one of the reasons you may experience some soreness after a workout or the next day. There are tiny tears in your muscles! When you give your body enough time to heal before doing another workout, this is what prevents injury and helps you to bulk up.

Failing to give yourself enough recovery time places you at risk of injury and setbacks. Therefore, even if your primary goal is to build your upper body physique, don’t make every day a focus on your arms and chest.  Give other parts of your body – or even cardio – a chance to work out while the rest of you recovers.


When you are trying to bulk on a budget, there are things you can do to lower your grocery bill. Eat meat like eggs, ground beef, some chicken, and tuna. Pasta, rice, and bread are all fairly cheap as well. Instead of looking into powders, bars, or premade drinks try packing your own lunches. You can also pack fruits or veggies if you need a snack.

No matter what your position is there are ways to develop your upper body physique. You just need the right foods and a good workout regime. Building does take time and doesn’t happen overnight, but making sure you are eating enough, not skipping meals, and eating clean will get you there faster. Lastly, try not to fall for all the gimmicks of the powders, bars, and supplements as they aren’t really necessary.

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