Here’s How I Maintain Healthy Nutrition Even During Holiday Travel

Maintain Healthy Nutrition During Holiday Travel

For many of us, the holiday season means a lot of travel, which can make it hard to maintain healthy nutrition for days or even weeks at a time. This is a struggle I’ve had for many years but that I’ve learned to overcome (for the most part) in recent years.

If you go through what I do, it’s not possible to always maintain healthy nutrition throughout the holidays. There will be times when you’ll be a guest in someone else’s house. There will be times when you’re on the road and the only thing available to you is fast food. The holiday season is riddled with food that simply isn’t nutrient dense or balanced. The key is to learn the right tricks to do your very best.

Use These Tips to Maintain Healthy Nutrition During the Holidays

#1 Set Goals

Before your travel begins, take a moment for yourself and think about what you want to achieve from your diet. How do you want to maintain healthy nutrition? The first year I tried to set goals, I decided to be far too rigid and told myself I wouldn’t indulge at all. I told myself it wasn’t worth it to face the setbacks.

These extreme efforts made the holidays unpleasant, and I always gave in to eating treats and other goodies until I’d end up feeling guilty and would give up on my goal altogether. Instead, I’ve found that if I just establish rules for myself and set nutritional goals, it’s much easier. This year, I’ve decided to set a goal of one fully nutritious meal per day without any unhealthy components. If I can’t a second fully healthy meal in, it has to have a very healthy component. The last meal can be whatever I want, but within reason in terms of quantity.

#2 Snack on Nutrients

Snacks are a great way to keep hunger controlled between meals. They’re also a fantastic way to maintain healthy nutrition throughout the holidays. The reason is that it’s just as easy to grab an apple as it is to grab a cookie. Also, if I make sure to snack instead of starving myself between meals, it’s easier to stick to my self-imposed rules once mealtime comes around.

#3 Leave Dessert for Dessert

Throughout the holidays, cookies and other baked treats are everywhere all the time. That can make it very hard to maintain healthy nutrition because it’s tempting to keep popping sweet treats in my mouth. Instead of trying to tell myself not to eat baked good because I’m trying to eat healthfully, I reserve those types of food exclusively for desserts. That way, I’m not eating dessert when I’m hungry. I’m not filling up on desserts. I wait until I’ve already had a great dinner and then enjoying a little taste of something sweet to finish the meal.

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