Have a Fun and Healthy Christmas at the Same Time!

Healthy Christmas

Being able to have a healthy Christmas and still have fun seems like a contradiction in terms. Think about it. All the foods we associate with this time of year are either sugary or fatty, creamy or salty, or all those things at once. It doesn’t seem like it would be possible to do things healthfully without skipping out on everything traditional and delicious.

How can you have a healthy Christmas and enjoy yourself, too? It doesn’t sound festive to give up everything you love at this time of year. The good news is that when you do things right, you don’t have to give up anything and still keep up a healthful holiday. Take a bit of care and you can have a full week or more of festivities without an ounce of guilt or giving your body a hard time.

If you need a hand believing in a healthy Christmas miracle, use the following tips.

Don’t Lose Yourself in Trying to Have a Healthy Christmas

There’s a difference between having a healthy Christmas and going over the top. Healthy doesn’t mean completely skipping out on anything that is less than perfect for your nutrition. Don’t forget that there is something to be said about the nutrition you can give your spirit.

A great deal of the key to a healthy Christmas season is in not overdoing it. It can be the difference between a taste of your favorite dishes or heaping them on your plate. The difference between having all the desserts or just the ones you know you really love. You don’t need to cut yourself off from the less-than-healthful components as long as you do so within reason.

Some people decide to wait until Christmas day itself so they can have what they want. After all, if you’re living a healthy lifestyle most days, then one day of moderate indulgence certainly won’t have a devastating impact.

Decide What You’re Not Going to Eat

There are foods that simply aren’t worth it. They don’t contribute to a healthy Christmas and you don’t even like them very much (or at all). Leave them out. Decide ahead of time, not on the spot. If you decide ahead of time, you’ll be ready to turn them down when offered.

If you know there will be people there who won’t care about your effort to have a healthy Christmas, make sure to have some ideas lined up to graciously decline what is offered. This can start with a simple “no, thank you,” but may build to say “no, thank you. I don’t feel well after eating that dish.”

Happy Holidays from Intechra Health

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