Awesome Snorkeling Workouts While on a Tropical Vacation

Snorkeling Workouts on Vacation

A snorkeling workout is an awesome way to get great exercise while on vacation. There’s nothing wrong with spending time visiting through tourist sites or relaxing on the beach, but when you’re ready to move around, the water is the place to be.

The Pacific waters off the coast of Nayarit, Mexico are crystal clear and filled with stunning tropical marine life. Snorkeling workouts are an especially great way to discover them as the basics of this activity can be learned very quickly.

Snorkeling Workouts for the Whole Family

Some water sports are better for adults and others are really best left to kids. That said, snorkeling workouts can be a fun way for virtually any age to spend some time together and get some exercise. Kids and adults alike can quickly learn how to snorkel for a fantastic experience off the beach of an oceanfront villa rental in Mexico, or from a boat tour that heads out for exactly that purpose.

Together, you’ll not only enjoy snorkeling workouts for the sake of exercise but also discover whole new beautiful sights and ecosystems you’ve never seen before. Excursions head out to various regions – including local islands – for exactly this purpose. Boats with cutting edge equipment and experienced guides aren’t hard to find. They help to make sure that snorkelers of all ages and experience levels will be safe while having a fun and very memorable experience.

If you’re headed to Mexico this winter, you’re in luck because Riviera Nayarit is not only the perfect place to find a luxury villa rental in a safe part of the country, but it also features some of the best snorkeling locations. Consider the following places for your snorkeling workouts while on vacation.

  • Banderas Bay – Snorkeling workouts here can start at Nuevo Vallarta, Punta de Mita, Bucerias, Flamingos, Destiladeras or Cruz Huanacaxtle. Depending on where you start, you’ll enjoy a completely unique experience even within the same bay.
  • Punta Mita – This location features the Marietas Islands, which are uninhabited, are a part of a protected National Park and are even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, you’ll see fish, plants, sea turtles and even amazing caves.
  • Sayuilita – The beaches in this region, including Punta Sayulita and Playa Los Muertos, are absolutely pristine for both perfect swimming and snorkeling.
  • San Blas – If sustainable ecotourism suits your snorkeling goals, then San Blas is the destination for you. You can choose either a beach or a boat excursion for the most amazing snorkeling workout of your life.

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