pump up the pectorals with these tips

The Most Effective Way to Pump Up The Pectorals

pump up the pectorals with these tipsSo you’ve been lifting weights, searching the web for the perfect ripped chest formula, and you think you’ve read it all about how to build the perfect pecs. In order to have the ripped chest you desire you have to have the proper nutrition in accordance with the right pec workout formula. In order to effectively pump up the pectorals you’ll need is an abundance of calories with the right ratio of carbs, fats, and of course protein. […]

bulk up your shoulders with this workout

Exercises That Bulk Up Your Shoulders

bulk up your shoulders with this workoutStrong shoulders are crucial for performing many exercises with good form. The shoulders are the most widely used muscle in the upper body. Having strong shoulders will prevent injury, help you lift, and give you a godlike physique. However, people these days rarely possess strong deltoids. But, with the right stretching and exercises you can have desirable deltoids in no time. […]

achieving a vascular look

How to Achieve a Vascular Look Safely

achieving a vascular lookSo what is all this talk about the vascular look? You may not readily know what it is but when we tell you–you will certainly know what it all looks like–this is just a new name for it.

So what is the vascular look anyway?

This silly sounding almost medical name means that the person wants to workout–gain muscle and achieve a more muscular illusion by having the veins pop out of the skin so they bulge. […]