best plant-based protein sources

The Top Sources of Plant-Based Protein

best plant-based protein sourcesThe first thing that comes to mind when discussing proteins is meat. Meat is considered to be the best source of protein. However, consuming meat also means consuming fats and carbohydrates. But little do people know that meat is not the only great source of protein. You can also get a substantial amount of proteins from plant-based sources. […]

nuratrim weight loss pill


Nuratrim weight loss supplements are relatively new to the over the counter diet product marketplace, having only just been released in December 2011. They appear to be available only in the United Kingdom, at the time of this review, but they have received a significant amount of press throughout their short lifespan, having received attention from both the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. […]

should women strength train differently

Should Women Strength Train Differently Than Men?

should women strength train differentlyOften times women believe that lifting weights like men will make them big or bulky, so they stick to their 5 to 10 pound barbells and do endless sets of reps. Women also have a tendency to do endless amounts of cardio as well in hopes to shed fat and become toned. Many times this works against them, but takes twice as long to reach their goals, and usually they never quite achieved the body that they want. […]