bodyweight squats benefits

Bodyweight Squats: How and Why They Work

bodyweight squats benefitsThe squat is one of the most effective exercises for developing strength and toning your body. All you need is a different variant of the squat and you can get an excellent toning workout. On the other hand, you can use a barbell and heavy weights to gain strength with squats. This is one exercise that does not work your legs alone. In fact, the squat is the ultimate exercise since it works your entire body. If you want to lose weight or tone your legs, the best option is to perform bodyweight squats.

How Are Bodyweight Squats an Effective Exercise?

There are many benefits of performing squats at your bodyweight. The main reason is the high number of reps. Bodyweight squats may not help you build large muscles, but it is an effective conditioning exercise. Since you perform a high number of reps, you tend to develop a more toned lower body. […]

Effective Kettlebell Workouts

The Most Effective Kettlebell Workouts

Effective Kettlebell Workouts The kettlebell is an effective tool for reducing weight. The aesthetics of the kettlebell are such that it provides a different muscle targeting effect than other weights. Not only do you have to lift the weight, but you must also work to keep it balanced. This makes it an ideal tool for performing weight-loss cardio workouts.

The Swing

The swing is one of the most effective kettlebell workouts. The main reason for this is that it works out most of the body. You can use a heavyweight kettlebell and use it for strength training and muscle building. You may use a lightweight kettlebell and perform a cardio workout. […]