chest workouts for men and women

The Best Chest Workouts for Men and Women

chest workouts for men and womenThere are some exercises that we tend to think of as gender specific, but you will find that this assumption is usually incorrect. Up until recently, most people tended to think of strength training and weightlifting overall as a male specific activity—but the trend is catching on with more and more women who want to add muscle to their physique!

This is great news as people are learning that both men and women can benefit from so many different exercises across the board. A specific example of this is that chest workouts aren’t just for men anymore, as they can be quite helpful to women too and so you want to focus on the most effective exercises for this part of the body. […]

eat to build muscle fast

How Much You Should Eat to Build Muscle Fast

eat to build muscle fastWhen you’re working out hard you want to be sure that you are giving your body what it needs. If you’re trying to build muscle, what you eat matters just as much as the types of strength training exercises that you perform.

This isn’t just about losing weight like other fads, but rather learning how to shred fat and build muscle. When you learn to eat the right way to supplement the strenuous workouts that you take on, then it all comes together in a really effective way. That means that eating the right foods in the right way will help you to build muscle fast when combined with powerful strength training and weightlifting. […]