Create your own Tabata routine

How to Create Your Own Tabata Routine for a Fun Customized Workout

These days, if we want to be able to get a really great workout on a regular basis, efficiency is key. For that reason, learning how to create your own tabata routine can help to get results without requiring the time.

After all, who wants to get up even earlier than we already do to go for a run before sunrise? Do we really have time in our lunch hours to hit the gym for a full routine? After work, we’re too busy battling with dinner, kids, chores and errands to dedicate a ton of time to a workout. Instead, create your own tabata routine and save precious minutes every time you complete it.

Being able to create your own tabata routine can take a bit of know-how and tweaking but it doesn’t necessarily require any expertise. Essentially, start with the concept of a basic workout and choose options