Nutraceuticals effectiveness

How Effective Are Nutraceuticals for Health And Wellness?

Ingredients, supplements and foods that have certain health benefits are sometimes nicknamed nutraceuticals. In most cases, they are not used for treating specific diseases, but may be employed to use nutrients to prevent unwanted symptoms or to make it easier to achieve certain health goals. How Are Nutraceuticals Different from Nutrition from Food? These ingredients Read more about How Effective Are Nutraceuticals for Health And Wellness?[…]

dangers of testosterone boosters

Dangers of Testosterone Boosters

dangers of testosterone boostersPeople in our time are constantly searching for the next big scientific breakthrough to help us look and feel younger. Almost two decades ago, men thought they had hit the elixir of youth with testosterone boosters. However, over the years research has shown testosterone boosters may have long-term side effects and can be fatally dangerous. Just last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opened an investigation into testosterone products they previously approved. […]