Facts About Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness is a problem faced by many athletes and sports professionals, but it can affect the rest of us too. This is particularly true as we start to work out more regularly and build our workouts to greater lengths.  For those of us who aren’t experienced with this type of issue, it can seem to come out of nowhere and feel as though something is wrong.  Fortunately, it is normal and, in many ways, avoidable with the right techniques.  Still, even when it happens, it’s best to know about it, what to expect, and what you can do about it.


Juice from watermelon for muscle pain

Reduce Muscle Pain After Workouts with Watermelon

If you find that your bodybuilding workouts are leaving your body sore and tender, then you might find that the secret to overcoming that problem is in something as simple as watermelon juice.

Research into Muscle Pain and Watermelon

The results of a recently conducted study have now been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. What it determined was that certain substances that occur naturally within watermelon can actually help to relieve the aches that bodybuilders. The same benefits can extend to other athletes feel after they have finished exercising, too.


Too Sore to Move After a Workout

Why You May Get Too Sore to Move After a Workout

Have you ever woken up only to feel as though you’re too sore to move after a workout the day before?  Do you feel like your muscles are lashing out at you? It’s not uncommon to feel too sore to move after a workout when you take on a very challenging program. That said, have Read more about Why You May Get Too Sore to Move After a Workout[…]

exercises for Lower Back Pain

Top 5 Exercises for Lower Back Pain

exercises for Lower Back PainThousands of people suffer from lower back pains. In most cases, doctors advise people to move around and exercise more. There are some great exercises that can help you alleviate lower back pain by stretching muscles that are normally tight. Here are some of the best exercises for lower back pain. Just make sure you warm up properly before trying any of these:

1. Bridge
The bridge is an excellent exercise for mobilizing the lower back and muscles which have become stiff. To perform this exercise, all you have is lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet placed hip distance apart on the floor. […]

how to soothe sore muscles

The Greatest Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles

how to soothe sore musclesIndividuals who are involved in strength training or weight training take their bodies to the limit during a workout. The main aim of doing this is to work the muscles until they are exhausted. This, by default, causes some muscle soreness. A little muscle soreness is natural when working out with weights.

However, sometimes the soreness is too severe to bear. While the soreness goes away in due time and most enthusiasts enjoy it, it can be uncomfortable for some. This is because the sore muscles hurt whenever you try to move. […]

is an ice bath worth the torture

Is The Torture of An Ice Bath Worth The Recovery Benefits?

is an ice bath worth the tortureIf you have never tried an ice bath as a way of recovering, then you might not recognize just how brutal it can be. For runners or high performing athletes ice baths are a reality as they try to recover from a huge race or big sporting event. There is a lot of contradictory evidence out there on the necessity or even safety of these baths. […]