Facts About Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?Delayed onset muscle soreness is a problem faced by many athletes and sports professionals, but it can affect the rest of us too. This is particularly true as we start to work out more regularly and build our workouts to greater lengths.  For those of us who aren’t experienced with this type of issue, it can seem to come out of nowhere and feel as though something is wrong.  Fortunately, it is normal and, in many ways, avoidable with the right techniques.  Still, even when it happens, it’s best to know about it, what to expect, and what you can do about it.


Best Exercise That Works the Most Muscles

This is the Exercise That Works the Most Muscles at Once

A good quality dynamic exercise that works the most muscles possible at once can be very handy in ensuring you’re getting a good complete workout.  While there is definitely something to be said about workouts targeting specific muscles or muscle groups, knowing that you’ve worked your whole body can also be exceptionally rewarding.  It can also help to make sure you’re not missing essential areas.


Get a Perfectly Shaped Bottom With These Exercises

perfectly shaped bottom exercises

Sometimes achieving a perfect round rear can feel very impossible, but whether you want to tone and lift or reduce and round, you can get a perfectly shaped bottom with these simple and effective exercises.

If you are busy and short on time, you can still achieve great results in the couple minutes you actually do have. There are also little things that you can add to your routine for a great derriere. Also, if you want that beautiful sculpted butt, you are going to need to have a good diet- in addition to that exercise routine.


Outdoor Gym Benefits

Take Advantage of Your Local Outdoor Gym While The Weather’s Still Great

For those of us who think of an outdoor gym at all, it’s usually the summertime that we have in mind.  After all, that’s the time of year when we do the most outside, right? This year, I’ve been using my local options a lot more than I have in the past and I’m coming to realize that fall hasn’t received the credit it should have.


daily micro workouts

Micro Workouts for a Busy Schedule

When it comes to getting your workouts in, it isn’t always a matter of determination. Even those of us who are the most dedicated to our routines have times when life takes over and we’re just too busy.

Though you can’t use that as an excuse every day if you really want to keep up your form, every now and again, there are some ways to slip in a bit of a workout here and there, even when 24 hours just doesn’t seem like enough for each day.

Weekly Fat Burning Workout Schedule Sample

What Goes into a Week-Long Fat Burning Workout Schedule?

A fat burning workout schedule can give you a bigger exercise advantage than you might think. Most people start with a strategy that is very vague, regardless of whether they want to lose weight, get in shape, build muscle or have any other workout goal. For instance, a common idea is simply to state that Read more about What Goes into a Week-Long Fat Burning Workout Schedule?[…]